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As most locals I help with computers and tech in general know, I’m a bit of a ‘senior geek’. Last Christmas I was given a Google Home speaker and since then have been adding various gadgets and some home control devices – to the dismay of my wife who has the odd ‘glitch’ when she politely asks Google to do something for her!

Currently here’s some of what we can do with Google Home :

Where you see ‘**’ – that means we say ‘Ok Google’ or ‘Hey Google’ before the voice command.

** play ABC News radio – plays station on speaker(s) we have more than one!
** play The Beatles – plays songs from the Beatles from the Spotify account
** set a timer for 5 minutes – if we want to cook soft boiled eggs!
** set a reminder to go to shops at 4 this afternoon (we get reminded then)

and of course there are many hundreds of similar voice commands built in.

Here’s some of the home control commands:

** turn on lounge lamp
** turn on pump (this turns on the garden watering pump)
** turn on TV (and I’m working on how to turn it on and choose the channel)
** turn on airconditioner

and I can set up scenes too, so for example we can say :
** it’s movie time – this turns on the TV, the stereo and the AndroidTV box.
** it’s time for bed – this turns off all the lights, lounge TV, stereo etc and finally, turns on the bedroom TV.

All the gear necessary to make this work is available either from Australian retailers or online from various Asian sellers. Prices are gradually coming down too as more brands come on the market. If you are interested in adding some smart devices in your home, give me a call and I’ll be happy to help – phone number is on the right.


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