Sad to see you go…

I have owned this web domain name for a few years now (and knocked back offers to buy it) – but it’s time to sell it and hopefully provide a new home for a local business or enterprise to use.

I have run community websites in the past and they can be a fun, rewarding way to promote both the small town or village so if that interests you – get in touch.

If you have a local business, established or new – what better way to have a website that is already very searchable and established? Just rebrand the title, put up good content and away you go.

I can offer either just the domain name or domain and website as it is, or website plus Aussie-based hosting – your choice. For the right person who wants to get into website design, I can offer my 15+ years of WordPress experience to get you started.

Just pop me a line using the form below and I’ll get back to you.