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This site began around 2005 and had advertising and articles about the village, but due to lack of support (and time) it was no longer being regularly updated. Thanks to those helpers who gave their time to keep it afloat in the past and especially the site sponsors.

The community information pages will be retained to assist locals and visitors and any important events that are happening will be put in the news column on the right of every page.

You might have noticed the advert on this site for MalwareBytes and wondered why you would need something to protect your computers if you already have an antivirus program. The reality of today’s internet is that the majority of malware infections come in through your internet browser and regardless of the ‘spin’ that the makers of Norton, McAfee and TrendMicro may do – any antivirus program is very unlikely to prevent malware infection. I see countless computers that are full of malware that their antivirus software has missed.

So – what can you do about this? My recommendations are to
1. set up a new administrator account and create a password on it, then change your own user account to be a ‘standard user’. Only ever use the standard user account. This simple step will protect you from the majority of problems.
2. Use MalwareBytes Premium. At around $60 per year it’s cheap insurance (they currently have a 20% off special for two years protection). I call it the “gate at the top of the cliff” rather than the “ambulance at the bottom”!
Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of the company and get a small credit from them (around $8) per purchase.

Happy computing,

The Computer Guy at the ‘Heads